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Welcome to the Show

Our thanks to all who voted us PARK CITY'S BEST BAND 2016! We couldn't ask for more in our 22nd year. 3 years in a row! We're honored. Hat's off to the Park Record for their efforts.




Still rockin', rollin' and reelin' after all these years. It's more fun than ever and we love the ride. Winter is here ... amazing how time flies. We took some time off during the shoulder season and everyone got their version of down time. We're in the middle of booking the winter shows and are looking forward to seeing all of you. Check back as the calendar fills in. We'll be out there playing our hearts out. Come out and see us!

Mark Schumacher, drummer extraordinaire, has recently joined the band. He of SIn City Soul, Muddpuddle and .... yes .... Motherlode Canyon Band. Once again into the fun! His talent and skill raises the bar for the whole band and we are stoked.

Dana is spending more time in Puerto Vallarta as he builds and develops land they have up by Punta Mita. He's already tanned from surfing so much. Nina is getting in some travel too and just had her youngest son, Wyatt, gratuate from high school. Congrats! Robert has become known worldwide for his cello and bass bows. He also built and sold an amazing standup bass this past year and is working on another. Mark has become a hunting and fishing affectionado and has taken several trips to exotic places like  .....  Nebraska. Hmmmm. Dan is living the dream, lovin' the music, studio time and hikes with the new dog .... Patch. We're a lucky group .....


Motherlode hits YouTube! We have a few clips on YouTube of our shows on Park City TV and Silver Star. Check it out ...

Motherlode - YouTube


Join us on Facebook:

Motherlode Canyon Band - Facebook


THANKS to all our friends, fans, followers and those who just stumble onto us! You have packed the places we play and we appreciate you and are continually amazed that so many of you come out to see us. The venues know you come and are always glad to have us perform in their places. Thanks for being 'Lodies.

The evolution of Motherlode goes on and we want to thank all of you for sticking with us through all the changes and years. We'll keep it coming .........


Event Calendar:


May 26:

The Spur


July 2nd:

Private Party


July 4th:

Three Kings Homeowners

4th July Party



July 7th:



July 9th:

Park Silly Market


July 13th:

Newpark Concerts


July 15th:

The Spur


August 12th:



August 31st:

Heber Concerts in the Park



September 2nd:



September 9th:




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