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Dan Hall

My early love was folk music, acoustic guitars and harmonies. Junior high brought electric guitars, Hendrix, Cream, CSN&Y, Led Zeppelin, J.T., Croce and my first band. I was totally jazzed by the music and the whole scene of amplified music and getting a band on stage. I’ve been doing that in one form or another ever since: solo, duo, trio and bands throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. I play a Martin acoustic and an American Masters electric guitar, which I send through a Fender Prosonic amp.

Motherlode was formed in 1993 around acoustic guitars with strong, energetic vocals. It’s been a forum for each of our styles that’s blended into the “Motherlode” sound. It’s gratifying to see how our music has grown and to look back at the friendship, hard work and gigs. The musicians I’ve met and played with have been amazing. I get to mess with great equipment, play music with friends and be part of a special energy called….The Motherlode Canyon Band. It remains a great ride!

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Motherlode Canyon Band
2384 Doc Holliday
Park City, UT 84060
C: 801-232-6174

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