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Nina Oyler

I have always loved music. I grew up in a very musical family. I had four sisters and one brother, and we all loved to sing. We grew up in Park City, which at the time did not have very many radio stations, if any, so we sang for our own entertainment. I took piano lessons when I was 10 but I had a tendency to play by ear, (which my teacher didn’t appreciate very much). Although I loved to play, I hated taking the time to read music. So my lessons were short lived. I sang in choirs and was involved in several performances up through high school. My sisters and I continued to sing together through the years, recently making a cd for our parents where we had the opportunity to record in a studio. It was an awesome experience. It compelled me to get more involved in music.

It had always been a seemingly far-fetched dream of mine to sing with a band. Although I loved to sing, I was not the type to sing solo, standing in front of crowds, whaling out a tune. It was a challenge for me to audition in front of the band, let alone sing for a crowd of people. With support from my sister, I auditioned for female vocalist in May of 2003 and to my surprise I became a member of the band shortly after.

Luckily, performing has gotten easier as time has past. Motherlode has helped me immensely. They have helped me to challenge my uncertainties and become more confident and assured. They are a well organized, knowledgeable, and extremely talented group of guys. I have had an amazing experience, and a great time performing with them.

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